About Quest

Quest Audio-Visual’s Mission Statement:

To provide the customer with an audio-visual experience that surpasses expectations.

To many, a mission statement is just so many words, and it has such an impersonal feel to it, so allow me to elaborate upon this some.  The human eye and ear are more adaptable than any other pieces of AV equipment existing today.  What that means is that you can purchase a great system, and because of a lack of knowledge of various factors, set it up poorly…yet still think it’s great, whether it be sound or audio we”re talking about.

Calibration and optimization require a certain amount of education and sophistication to understand and appreciate, much like an educated palate when it comes to food.  If all you’ve ever eaten is Denny’s fast food…then that’s great.  But then, walk into a four star restaurant, eat there, and then try to tell me that Denny’s is as good as the four star.  You won’t be able to (at least, not honestly), and the same applies to a system that is set up correctly and one that’s not.

When properly calibrated, a video display or sound system will provide you with the clearest, most accurate sound and picture experience possible.  The various elements of picture and sound are looked at individually using both test equipment that costs several thousand dollars, and our own eyes and ears (because let’s face it…this is science AND art, combined), and adjusted one at a time to ensure that there is no loss of  fine detail that can occur when a system is set improperly.  When you watch a Blu-Ray or a DVD, it is mastered at the studio that created it using certain standards of imaging, and proper calibration sets your TV and sound system to display them as they were intended to be seen by the producer and director.

The entire point of this is to not only convince you to buy your equipment from me, but to educate you about your system, and help you get as much as possible from it over the years, in the manner you enjoy the most.


Joseph L. Rogers

Owner, Quest Audio-Visual


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